5 Places to Shop for Plus Size Shorts


Well, my friends, summer is upon us. Whether you're down south like me or somewhere with a more temperate climate, I'm sure you're starting to see sweat mustaches, snow cone stands, and Old Navy's $5 flip flops come out of the woodwork. Winter was nice while it lasted, but (and I honestly can't believe I'm saying this) I'm ready for summer to come in hot and heavy. (Well, maybe with a nice breeze and likewise moderately weighted.) 

While I'm giddy at the thought of lazy afternoons by the pool and the way my freckles come out to play after they get the slightest bit of exposure to vitamin D, one thing I'm not excited for (besides the buckets of sweat, patchwork of mosquito bites, and ever present threat of melanoma that accompany the warmer months) is shorts-wearing season. 

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a shameful bone in my body when it comes to exposing my lower extremities. If I'm being honest, I would prefer to go through life pants-less majority of the time. Despite this, shorts are one of my least favorite garments to wear because they can be kind of tricky to find. 

So where do I go when the heat is blistering and all I want to do is give my knees some exposure? Find out down below!

Old Navy

Old Navy is my go-to place for basic pieces. The dress code at my high school mandated that shorts had to have an inseam of at least 5" and they were surprisingly hard to find until I wandered into Old Navy one day and found a section that was specifically labeled with inseams of that exact length! Since then, the Ole Nave is the first place I look when my shorts wardrobe needs an update. (Hit 'em up on a sale to know you're getting the best deal.)



Target is another incredibly affordable and equally accessible place to find curvy shorts. (Target as a brand is also one that prioritizes showing what their clothing looks like on a range of different body types, which is quite refreshing.) They also have a range of styles in each of their in-house collections and collaborations, so it's surprisingly easy to find that specific silhouette (like the paper bag waistline or distressed denim hem) for which you're looking. Even better? The fact that none of their plus size shorts are more than $30.



Whenever I'm looking for something spicy to mix up my wardrobe, one of the first places I look is ASOS. While it might not be the most budget-friendly option every time, they do have decent sales and an awesome return policy. They're based in the U.K. but have distribution centers scattered across the globe, which makes shipping and returns easy, fast, and (best of all) free. I love that I can experiment with new styles and trends without feeling stuck with something I don't actually love, even when it comes to something as simple as shorts.


Forever 21

What was once my go-to for slutty crop tops (still is, if I'm being honest) and cheap statement jewelry (double check) is still one of my favorite places to find fun shorts for summer. Although their return policy is nowhere near that of ASOS or any of the other brands on this list for that matter, it's a little easier to take a risk on a trendy $10 pair of shorts that make you feel a little extra flirty even if they won't hold up for more than a few months. Those neon pink track shorts or the floral print skort might not be the style of the season next year, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a shot!


Lane Bryant

If there's one thing Lane Bryant understands, it's how to design clothes for curvy women. There's a distinct intentionality in the lines, lengths, features, and fabrics that are used in constructing each garment (peep their pucker-proof button down blouses) but there's no sacrifice of style. Lane Bryant is definitely an underdog whether you're looking for comfy, everyday denim shorts that are the perfect pair for a soft cotton tee or tailored, work-appropriate (yes, I said it) shorts to beat the heat while breaking the glass ceiling.


Do you have any stores you love to shop when you're looking for a refresh to your summer wardrobe? Is there a particular style of shorts you love to wear when the weather gets warm? Leave a comment and let me know!